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We help you create, grow, and protect assets.

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Trudy holds credentials in:

  • Life insurance/Annuities
  • Notary
  • Paralegal
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Certified Credit Consultant/Coach
  • An FDIC provider of financial counseling
  • An active member of the American Association of Christian Counselors

Estate Plan Coordinator serving all 50 states. Attorney drafted documents for a fraction of attorney fees. $97 for a simple will. $1995 for the entire kit and kaboodle (occasionally, there are discounts offered), including ensuring your Trust is funded. Easy to update or tweak later. Helping you get your complete estate plan and personal finances and credit in order, building business credit, Notary Services, and Life insurance, are the most popular requests for my help. I have many Financial Services industry credentials. However, my mission is to help people navigate the misunderstood world of Christians and Money. I am also an Immigration Forms Specialist and connected with a local immigration lawyer for challenging cases. We have programs and software that help Christian entrepreneurs move rapidly from self-funding their business and taxing their personal credit and family funds to a position of profit. We teach/Coach/equip Christians to have a Biblical view of money management that challenges the popular poverty and prosperity gospel on how Christians experience abundance on earth. I am a Best Selling author of many finance books including CASHercise HOW TO BECOME DEBT FREE, OUTRAGEOUSLY PROFITABLE and JOYFULLY GENEROUS. I also have a TV channel on Roku and Amazon TV - CHRISTIANS & MONEY, and a Podcast on Spotify by the same name. While inactive in the field, I also hold a Real Estate Broker license and I am a Paralegal. All those credentials help me speak to your financial questions and help clients prepare for big-ticket purchases and manage their spending plans and prepare for retirement.

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