Entrepreneurs On Purpose

Monetizing Your God-given Talent in 90 days


Lisa had lupus and could never hold a job because she had 'bad days' interrupt her attendance at work. She became an entrepreneur out of necessity.

George got laid off at 58 years old. After being rejected multiple times after many interviews, he became an entrepreneur having concluded companies preferred younger candidates with his skillset. He took that skillset direct to the market and became an entrepreneur to keep food on his table.

Jennifer had a run-in with the law, swallowing a bag of cocaine to help her boyfriend, the dealer, hide evidence during a traffic stop. After 5 years in jail, her college degree meant nothing as employers were afraid to give her a chance. She became an entrepreneur and hired herself.

Francis was a talented mechanic with his company, but none of his suggestions were considered and his supervisor seemed to pick on him and overlook him for new positions he was qualified for. He knew he could offer a better version of this service, with faster delivery and competitive prices. He became an entrepreneur to explore this passion he felt to trust his instincts.

Daniel was a fresh High School graduate who was under-employed at his fast-food job and needed more money, but his job schedule made it challenging to get another job. He had a photography hobby that had gotten some paid gigs for. He was encouraged to explore monetizing this talent and build his business on the side.

If you are ready to become an Entrepreneur on Purpose (deliberately, and within the scope of your God-given talent and purpose), schedule a FREE: Monetize Your God-given Talent in 90 days chat so we meet and get a feel for what it would be like to work together. Let's get the price out of the way - price is $497.

  • Deep Dive consult to help flush out your entrepreneurial idea 
  • Prayer and scripture to help get through this sail into uncharted waters as you 'claim your land'.
  • 90 days of intensive action taking prompts
  • online, at-your-pace video training,
  • and up to 4, LIVE, one-on-one deep dives into your progress and biggest questions, with your biggest Cheerleader and Success Partner - Trudy. (Available only to action takers who have hit certain milestones in the program)
  • worksheets,
  • platforms to build and monetize your offer. We will offer FREE options where available
  • One year access to the material after the 90-day intensive
  • * Scholarships available if you meet our qualifications.  


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